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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Booking Update

Updated: May 26

The UK has recently entered a period to try to get things moving again although progress is expected to be slow initially. To address some FAQ’s please find as follows:-

Our COVID Policy

Put simply we want our guests to have peace of mind, so if your stay is affected by the Governments COVID travel restrictions preventing travel or, this prevents us opening, then we will offer you opportunity to reschedule as we would like you to come and relax at the cottage and enjoy the local area or, a no quibble refund. We cannot be fairer than that!

Please note if you book through one of the marketing channels they may apply their additional conditions so please check. However, if you book direct with us then this will is our policy. For more details please see below.

Holiday already booked If you have a stay already booked with us and it is at a future date post July 4th then based on current information we are planning for it to go ahead. However, should the Government tighten travel restrictions due to COVID resurgence, then your stay may need to be rescheduled or cancelled. If this happens, we will work with you to find the best solution. Please note if you have booked indirectly, whoever you made booking through may apply additional T&C although we are finding to date that all channels are being very flexible.

Planning to Book With UK Self Catering reopening from 4th July and the UK get away will be popular. If you are thinking about visiting this area then good accommodation will be in demand so plan early.

Reservations for 2021 is fully open. Christmas and New Year have already been booked. Again our policy is, if for some reason the government introduce travel restrictions our COVID policy applies. So book with confidence and peace of mind. Our standard T&C apply for all non COVID matters.

Holiday Insurance While holiday insurance will not cover you for COVID related cancellations, we strongly advise all guests to take out holiday insurance for other related cover needs. It is normally not expensive and provides peace of mind if you cannot travel for any other reasons. That said read the small print as we found out insurance companies why insurance companies have such a bad reputation as they can be devious, quick to take your money for premiums then walk away if you need their help.

Change of Circumstances If the reason you wish to cancel or reschedule is unrelated to Government’s COVID travel restrictions then our standard terms and conditions apply. We will try to accommodate requests where we can but please be comfortable with all T&C’s. Again this is where travel insurance may assist you if the reason for late cancellation is due to another issue covered by the insurance.

Channel Marketing If you are booking through Homeaway please ensure you check before booking with their additional T&C and be comfortable. Homeaway have been very flexible during the epidemic but the policy will likely change as we come out of the crisis so please review. Unless you are booking direct if the channel applies charges these are non-refundable by us.

Questions If at any time you have questions please contact us and we will assist.

Thank you to all for understanding, keep positive, stay safe and we look forward to welcoming you soon.


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