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Disability / Access information

We are very welcoming of all guests although conscious that the cottage environment may not be suitable for all.  We strongly recommend that guests with all life-impacting disabilities (mobility limitations, guests with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), etc) contact us before booking so we can discuss and advise on the suitability for the cottage environment for the guest's specific situation.  Safety and all guest enjoyment is paramount.   Please don’t assume the cottage will be suitable for all.

With the cottage having its roots in the 16th century and been added to over the years floor heights are different with steps between all ground floor rooms.  This means wheelchair access would be very difficult for anyone who needs full-time wheeled mobility.

Given the cottage's history, the stairs are steep and have a short tread but there is a handrail.  They should not present an issue with anyone with full mobility but if anyone in party is frail or has mobility issues then contact us first to discuss so we can ensure the cottage is right for your needs.

Access from the garden is via doors that do have thresholds

Where the above would not present mobility complications there is a ground-floor bathroom but it is not purpose-built for wheelchair access.  The door into it is narrow with a brick step.

Accessibility information is also shared here:-

If you need any further information or any doubts then please contact us and we will answer any questions.

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