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Hastings - Has a Lot to Offer!

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

With this year being the year of the Staycation it is a great opportunity to visit some of the great British seaside resorts. Hastings popular by the Victorians has so much to offer. Over the time we have owned the cottage we are constantly discovering new things in Hastings. The music scene although impacted by covid currently is brilliant, cant wait as it starts to recover. Look out on the live music websites for who is playing where. Seen some great bands across the music spectrum.

The old town is brilliant for places to eat, the fisherman's area great to get a feel for the working past. The Fisherman's museum is worth a visit. Alexandra Park is a really nice park, you can imagine the Victorian's promenading.

The kids will love the Amusement park area, simple pleasures for playing the 2p slots. The Crazy Golf is fun for the family, check it out. Just sitting on the front relaxing and people watching. St Leonards has some good cafe's, antique / junk shops to take a coffee, Tea, chocolate, ice cream in or just browse.

It is hoped that Hastings Carnival week will be permitted this year. Look out for more info here.

For more info on the what to do in Hastings look here at the 10 best things to visit in Hastings. The great thing we find about Hastings is that you never know what you will find. If you do don't forget to share the info with us.

After Hastings don't stop there if you have not visited Rye, Eastbourne (fun to take the coastal train), New Hythe & Dymchurch, Winchelsea to name but a few.

Don't forget if you are staying with us and seek further info, then feel free to ask us what we have learnt from about the area.

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