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Fanstastic Walk - Eastbourne - Hastings

We have been wanting to do this walk for a long time and we finally did it. Wow what a cracker if you like simple pleasures. You can do this walk either way. We have learnt some tips how you can adjust for all needs so please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Best experienced on a warm sunny day as adds to the experience. Ok some highlights.

From here onto Sovriegn Harbour, here we watched the Sea Locks opening/closing and the boats come and go for a while.

On to thw reck of the SS Barnhill. an early victim of WW2. At low tide you can see the wreck. On the beach is more info. Interesting story.

Views from the beach as we take a break. Lookingwards Beachy Head

Looking towards Hastings.

We found it facinating to see the wonderful beach properties, the beach and the activity along the beach front.

Good news there are toilets approx halfway along the walk ( look for the campsite) they are near by.

Someone preparing to repell borders.

You maybe surprised how much each of these sell for, but what a view!

View from Cooden Beach

Look out for the information boards, they are really interesting. They turn up in some odd places.

We get to Bexhill and decide that after a long walk we deserve a treat, Yum !

Simple pleasures are the best.

Our mission was to walk to Hasting but we get distracted in Bexhill and take a walk around the town and the De Warr Pavillion. They have a cafe where you can take refreshments and sit out on the balacony. However, cafe opening times said 3:30 but when we tried at 2.55 pm they said they were closed a 3pm. A simple update of the signage on days with changes woulld help customers but Hey Ho. Worth visiting the Pavillion as they often have events on and you can take a break.

Then we did something we have not done in years, we caught the bus and got to sit upstairs at the front like two school kids. The fare was a princely sum of £2pp. All fares in 2023 are a flat rate £2

We plan to return to complete the Hasting - Bexhill leg then go on to the Eastbourne to Seaford via Beachy Head.

In terms of suitability: you need to be reasonably fit in terms of being able to walk long distance. Pace you can set yourself so time to complete leg if you take lesieurly is about 3 - 3.5 hrs. The beach is mostly firm but is pebbly in parts so you need to pick the firmest path. We found if it gets soft move down beach as it firms up. So best walked towards low tide as you will have more options. Not idea for really young children.

There are option to shorten this walk and to add in a visit to to Eastbourne and where to park to do this. Contact us and we will share.

Until the next time, looking forward to it :-)

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