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An Often Under Appreciated Gem

If you like to wander around and experience a place, St Leonards is a hidden gem. St Leonards is sister to Hastings. On the surface it can look a little neglected although it is regenerating all the time; but it is what lieves beneath this veneer that is interesting. St Leonards is a wonderfully interesting place to wander around and look and observe. It also has what we feel is the best bakery, seriously. Ok, lets start with the Oak Bakery on the London Road, near the sea front. If you like fresh bread, all types then try this place, their sour dough is great. They also sell proper cakes, readymade sandwiches and soups. Whenever we are near we always get the bread and a cheeky cake, its rude not to... The architecture of Hastings and St Leonards is wonderful (Victorian, the Art Deco parade along the front, etc) , sadly some buildings are showing their age but if you stand back and look at a building and think about what it must have been like in its heyday, the area must have been truly wonderful. Suggest look at the map and wander around the streets, there are all kinds of interesting shops, from antique, junk, trendy, fashion, you name it. Visit the old Cinema in Norman Road for a coffee. Also some great food places to eat with an international choice of food i.e. Heist on A2102 just off London Road or, Remys In the Kings Road. Some interesting pubs with live music and let’s not forget the Kings Road; London has one but the Kings Road in St Leonards is great. Superb butchers along here, more eclectic shops and the old Train Station at the end. You may discover a place we have not. Its a great plac to vist for an odd morning or afternoon.

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