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General FAQ's

What Time Can we arrive? - to allow for house preparation not until 4 pm.  Should the house be available earlier we can let you know but preparing house and garden can take a full day.

Do you take pets?

Sorry No. The cottage is guaranteed to be a pet-free environment so is suitable for people with pet hair allergies.  We make no exceptions to this rule, this also applies to pet visitors brought by someone on a day visit are not allowed inside the cottage. See T&C if thinking of bringing.


Cottage Occupation numbers?

Can I have more that 8 people at the cottage?  In terms of staying occupancy, the answer is strictly no.  The occupants staying at the cottage can only be 8 + 1 small baby (under 2) sleeping in a cot.  Occupancy limits also extends to anyone seeking to pitch tents in the garden or putting a caravan or motor home on the drive these both will exceed the guest limit.  If you need accommodation for 10 or 12 then please book the right size property as it will make for a more enjoyable experience for you.  With respect to visiting day guests, it is acceptable to have guests visit on the understanding that you will contact us first to discuss reason, noise levels and parking will be respected.

What is provided in the cottage and what do I need to bring with me?

This is of course a self catering establishment, and as such, you look after all your own catering and toiletry needs.  However, mindful of how some will be flying in from abroad with limited space we try to provide starter supplies of all the essentials.  So you will find basic supplies in the kitchen like seasonings, herbs, a little oil, vinegar, washing up liquid and dishwasher tablets, sugar, milk, tea, coffee, kitchen paper, foil, cling film, crockery, utensils etc. etc.  Please note these are not intended to be your sole supply for your holiday.  It just means you don't have to rush out straight away to the shops.  Linen and towels are included. A small welcome  basket is left to greet you. There is a hairdryer for each bedroom and a few converter plugs assuming previous guests have not accidentally taken with them therefore it is wise to bring some with you.  


Do I need a car?

We recommend that you have a car because, without it, you will miss out on seeing so much of the lovely countryside. However, if you are happy to be reliant on your feet, a bicycle or a taxi then it is perfectly possible to have a lovely relaxing holiday here as you can order your grocery shopping online. There are buses  that can be access outside the Rose and crown but the bus service is a country one and is not very frequent i.e. 1 per hour.  You will need to consult the time table. Trains run to Rye and you can get a taxi from Rye to cottage.

Can I order groceries to be delivered ?

Yes most if not all stores have or will deliver to the cottage.  


What coffee makers do you have in the cottage?

For the coffee purest, we also provide a Lavazza mio mode coffee machine but you will need to bring with you the pods.  These can be sourced via waitrose in Hawkhurst or Tenterden while en route or during your stay. Machine not compatible with any other make pods.


Which is the easiest way to the cottage if I am flying in?

For major international flights then either Gatwick or Heathrow.  If you let us know when booking we will send you directions on how to find the cottage.  There is a local small light airfield at Lydd.  You can book flights to France from here which can be fun if you fancy lunch in Le Touquet.  Flight takes 15 mins. For more details click here

Where are the nearest shops and restaurants?

There are various village shops in Northiam including ( Jempsons Local, Spar, Bakery, well-stocked DIY store, and a fish and chip shop.  Not far is Jempsons main store in the Rye road at Peasmarsh.  In Sandhurst there is both a petrol station and another family-run local store.  In Hawkhurst there is a range of shops including Waitrose and Tesco..

What if I have a question?

Call us and we will try to answer.  Or you can email us.  Full contact detail are provided with joining instructions.

What is the bed configuration?

In the main bedroom, the bed is king size wide although standard length ( so of you are tall this may not be bed for you).   There is a bedroom with a double bed and a further two rooms with twins.  


Do you accept Hen, Stag or single-sex groups?

No to Hen and stags.  Unfortunately, we have had some bad experiences with single-sex groups but recognising that not all people are the same contact us before booking to discuss.  Please do not book unless you have spoken with us.  Please read the booking T&C.


Are Towels provided?

Yes towels and bed linen are provided.


Is there a dishwasher?


Is there a washing machine?

Yes washing machine, detergents and a mini tumble dryer


Is there a washing line?

Yes it runs between end of the garage to the summer house.  Look for the hook on summer house near roof to connect line to.  To use you pull line out from auto line holder, connect to hook on summer house then return to holder and tension the line around the grip / lock point.  Please do not over-tension as it will break the line and the whole unit will need replacing.  The line is now read to use.  When you finish with line, please can you restore to as found?


Are there garden loungers?

Yes two located in the summer house on the wall.  Please can you put it back when finished with.  In addition, there is a patio set and other seating located in garden


Do you have a swimming pool?

No. It would be uneconomic to install and run for a house this size.  However, there are swimming pools at Tenterden and Battle (open air).  The one at Tenterden is good to drop teenage children off at, go shopping then pick up.  They will be safe and have fun while you shop / relax.  Or why not join them.

Is there a stereo?

Yes two located in the summer house on the wall.  Please can you put it back when finished with.  In addition, there is a patio set and other seating located in the garden

Is there a TV?

Yes there are 3, main one in lounge is a smart TV, one in the dining room, a small one in the master bedroom..  Lounge TV is a smart TV with Freeview access.  If you have a Netflix account you can log in via this TV.

Is there a DVD? - Yes there are two, one with each downstairs TV

Is there a USB mobile charger socket?

Yes socket in the kitchen.  Bring your lead.

Does the cottage have wifi?


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